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Thank you for your inquiry about meals for your half pints! We are currently on maternity leave due to the birth of Chef Tara's second child. All ordering and deliveries via Half Pint Palates and Artizone will resume in June. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please (contact us) so you can receive our monthly newsletter and information leading up to our re-opening in June.


fresh ingredients

Half Pint Palates creates flavorful nourishing clean food delivered direct to your door for BABIES, TODDLERS & SENIORS. We source ingredients as close to the kitchen as possible and seek out out local producers, like JuHA Ranch who supplies most of our meat and eggs; this farm girl turned chef has even been known to use produce from her own organic garden! For info on products, email her at

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comforting and exotic

Inspired by her years of work with global foods and international chefs, Chef Tara creates menus that take you around the world and help prevent the picky eater. Menus are balanced with comfort and exotic items while stretching, but not exhausting the palate. Chef Tara's team of chefs season to taste, use herbs, spices, citrus, and cooking techniques to achieve optimum flavor. Chef Tara believes flavor exploration leads to a more exciting lifetime.

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Tara Anderson, creator and owner of Dallas-based Half Pint Palates, wears a bracelet on her left wrist that sums her up…

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