Half Pint


Half Pint is defined as 1.) disparaging term for small people 2.) small person 3.) half of a pint; synonyms: peewee, runt, shrimp

Growing up in rural Kentucky on a family farm, there was a strong chance if you had a little sass in you, a nick name would soon find you. I had plenty of sass and I had the sweetest grandmother who grew up in the hills of Tennessee and idolized Dolly Parton. She loved wearing denim and lace and the guest bedroom looked like a room from the set of Gone with the Wind…velvet drapes and all. Growing up in rural Kentucky on a family farm, my grandmother nicknamed me Half Pint.  I never thought it was anything but endearing because I never heard a negative thing come out grandma’s sweet southern mouth.

Grandma and Grandpa’s house always smelled like food and grandma had every cooking related gadget known to QVC: a dehydrator, a rehydrator, microwave cake pans, a rotisserie, a popcorn popper, a peanut grinder, a turkey fryer and the most used pressure cooker ever bought… Grandma baked with equal before there was a cookbook to tell you how, she ground her own peanut butter and dipped it in dark chocolate so my diabetic grandpa could have treats and made him breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. There was always a cast iron skillet getting hot or cooling down and a jar of bacon drippings on the counter.

When we got sent home sick from school, we got to watch TV on grandpa’s napping couch in the kitchen against the fireplace wall where it was nice and cozy in the winter and she would feed us grilled pimiento cheese sandwiches, which, by the way, are SO much better than just plain cheese!

I am going to visit Grandma in January and she will get to meet her Great Grand Daughter for the first time…I am hoping she has enough sass to get a fitting nickname like I did.  Afterall, she inspired the name of Half Pint Palates.