Blogs Chef Tara Follows


I thought you might want to see who I follow. Below is my list in order favorite:


I met Kelly through a mutual friend a couple years ago and we quickly became “food friends”. We share similar food beliefs, a love for BBQ and pie and could talk for hours about gardening and pretty much anything food related.


I have a love for South American food, especially Colombian. I have a bit of a history in South Florida with a family from Colombia and learned to love the simple and exotic cuisine. This blog offers great recipes and helped to inspired my South American menu this summer.


I like this blog because it proves you do not need space to create amazing food. I once had a chef who always told us to “work like you are in Manhattan”. What he meant was, conserve space, prep just want you need, work tight and clean and vertical. Even though I live in Texas now, I can work in any type of environment because of his simple lesson. This blog is great fun to read and drool over!


This may be controversial but she is just plain funny. She is a bit badass, speaks her mind and reminds me of myself. I highly recommend it…I want her book but don’t have time to read it right now.


This is a one stop shop for all things Dallas. They promote local businesses, farmers markets and green living. If you live in the DFW, follow them or sign up!

That’s it! I don’t have time for much more than that! I hope you enjoy them too, let me know your favorites by sending me an email to