Cashew Milk Ice Cream

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48 ounces cashew milk
5.4 oz coconut cream
8 oz local honey
4 whole pastured eggs (JuHa)
2 cups pineapple thinly sliced
1 t fleur de sel, course

 Make cashew milk prior to starting ice cream.  (See recipe below.)

-Set up an ice bath, grab a 4 qt sauce pan.

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-Combine coconut cream, honey and cashew milk in saucepan. Whisk eggs gently then add them to the milk mixture. Place sauce pan over low heat and stir constantly…I mean constantly, do not leave it for a second or you’ll have scrambled eggs!  Remove the pot from the burner occasionally so the bottom does not get too hot. I cook the mixture to touch and viscosity, which is about 120 degrees. Mixture will be slightly thicker than it was to start. If you use more eggs, (traditional ice cream batter is 8 eggs for this recipe size) it will be thicker.

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-Then remove pan from heat and place it in the ice bath and stir until the mixture is cold.

-Place in ice cream machine and spin.

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-When extracting, sprinkle in pineapple and sea salt. Place in freezer or eat immediately. (yields 1 qt.)


Cashew Milk

-Soak 2 cup cashews in filtered water (cover) for 6 hours in refrigerator

-Drain, rinse until water runs clear

-Add 6 cups filtered ice water, 2T maple syrup, 1T vanilla extract, dash sea salt, dash cinnamon, blend until smooth.

Yields 2 quarts  (1520 calories total, 48 calories per ounce)