Eating on the Road


My family of four recently took a trip over Memorial Day weekend to visit family and spend some quality time together.  We had a great time! Here are a few tips from the weekend that really worked for us.

On the Plane

We brought a cooler pack, and I wasn’t sure if it would make it through security, but . . SCORE!  In my bag: nuts, turkey, cut-up fruit, pistachios, dried fruit, red pepper strips, cucumber slices and Half Pint Palates Spiced O’s.  I packed Mash-ups for take off and landing so Vivian could regulate her ear pressure.  We also packed empty water bottles that we simply filled at the water fountains.  (Who really wants to spend $20 on water anyway?!)


In the Car

After landing, we knew that we’d be on the road for 4-6 hours, so we stopped at the grocery store while I fed Trudy.  The place we were headed was someone’s house, so we picked up foods that we wanted on hand. . . .fruits & veggies that the kids would eat, eggs (hard boiled eggs to help me stay on track with my eating), and dried fruit and nuts.

I wanted to keep things on hand to keep our family from “carbin’ up” on the trip.  Some tips: make sure to have things that are healthy for kids to eat so they’re not filling up on empty calories. Fruit is ok, but it has sugar. Try olives, red peppers, cucumbers, carrot sticks, and sugar snap peas. And stick to your guns!  “You’ve already had a granola bar, Vivian. Now it’s time for some fruit.”  This also helps me to stay on track by setting a good example.

Image 1

On the way home, we packed the same way, and our return trip wasn’t stressful.  Kids get bored easily, and aside from having games and activities, make sure that you have a variety of snacks so they don’t get bored.

What travel tips can YOU share with me?