Gardening Hints


Growing up in a family of gardeners, we always had a garden. And a big one, including an acre of sweet corn.  We would farm and process the food, preserving it for fall and winter.  So when I had a home of my own, it was only natural that I would have a garden.  I never considered the alternative.  It’s an easy way to have fresh produce, and for Half Pint Palates, I use many things that I harvest.


Right now, in this hot Dallas summer, I’m harvesting herbs and peppers, but I’m setting my sights on the fall.  In September, I’ll plant beets, turnips (I love the greens!), fall lettuces (lola rosa and spinach), pumpkins and broccoli.  This will be my first time planting broccoli.  Send me your advice!!!


Tips for the beginning gardener:

*Start small.
*For Texas, raised beds are the easiest due to our nutrient poor soil. The raised beds also helps maintain soil moisture.
*Plants like to be crowded.  This also helps keep the weeds down.
*Like us, plants have friends and do best around certain other plants.  We can learn from the Native Americans with their concept of 3 Sisters: Corn, squash and beans.  Corn is the pole and they like nitrogen.  Beans like to climb and give off nitrogen.  Squash provides shade.  The three veggies also complement each other in flavor.  Just try our 3 Sisters Stew!


Around Dallas, my favorite shop is Redenta’s.  Great service and products, and just a fun place to visit.

Check out our garden board on Pinterest for more inspiration!