Getting ready for Trudy

Tara's shower - 60

In a little more than a month, Chef Tara will be welcoming a new baby to her family.  Here are a few things she’s doing to get ready for baby Trudy.


“It was important to me to have everything ready before I was 7 months pregnant.  So, over the holidays we prepared her room, washed baby clothes and cloth diapers. We organized bottles and toys and figured out what more we needed.”


“We talk with her a lot about Trudy.  She has a good morning/night ritual with her that I’m hoping will prepare her for what’s to come.  We’re fortunate that all of the grandparents will be here for the birth, so we’re making plans for what they’ll do with her while my husband and I are in the hospital.”

Lightening the load:

“I’m going to let people help me.  (I’ve inherited this from my dad’s side of the family.)  My friends are doing a meal calendar, and I’m going to try to be laid back about it all.  I’ll use those special parking spaces, delivery services, etc. to make life a little easier.”


I’ll use Artizone to make getting food more convenient.  I’ll keep frozen fruit and leafy greens for smoothies, and I’ll make sure to have eggs on hand.  Hard boiled eggs are an easy thing to grab as a snack or for a great source of protein.

For now, I’m eating well, taking pilates to help with pain relief and resting as much as possible. Getting ready for Trudy!