Half Pint Parenting: A new idea!


Last week I received this link from a friend.  It’s a blog post on a simple way to stop child nagging.  Here’s how I’ve used it with Vivian after she’s nagging me about something she wants to do.

Me: Vivian, did you already ask me this question?
V: Yes.
Me: Do you think I’m going to change my mind?
V: No.
Me: Ok, well then don’t ask me again.

Surprisingly, this has worked at my house! I’ve used this strategy at mealtime, while grocery shopping, or at other points in the day where I might normally give in or get really frustrated with her.  It seems to help diffuse my frustration, and this simple idea has truly changed the way I parent.

Are there times of day/moments where you find yourself getting frustrated with your child(ten)?  Do YOU have any tips or suggestions for new parents?