Half Pint Pick: John


Hailing from Montana with a background in education, John Anderson has worked as a math and physics teacher, high school principal, basketball and football coach, and university professor.  But when Tara started her business, he wanted to pitch in.  For the past six months, he has been washing dishes, labeling, and delivering food.  He is a team player and a lot of fun to be around!

John moved to Dallas when Vivian was born and has been an integral part of her life.  He has a great time babysitting and shares his love of music, playing the guitar and harmonica.  He’s now engaged to be married to Harriet, who the family loves, including little Vivian!

Recently, John has decided to return to his first passion, education, and will be tutoring in the Plano area.  (If you’re interested, we will put you in touch with him!)  For his love for family and willingness to lend a hand, John Anderson, Chef Tara’s father-in-law, is this month’s Half Pint Pick.