Half Pint Pick: the Bake and Play Cafe


Starting this fall, Chef Tara is partnering with Lakewood’s newest gem, the Bake and Play Cafe. Owned by Dee Moore and Kelly Kemp, the cafe boasts a 1600 square foot play area along with a cafe serving yummy food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  There are cookies and cupcakes that your little one can decorate, and it is the perfect venue for their next birthday party.

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Chef Tara will be selling both Stage 1 and Stage 3 babyfood at this location. Look for the Half Pint Palates freezer! You can find meals like oatmeal with roasted bananas and steamed carrots with orange zest for your littlest half pint (stage 1), and broccoli & cauliflower with roasted garlic and polenta with parmesan and tomatoes for your older baby (stage 3).

In addition, Chef Tara will be offering cooking classes right in the Bake and Play Cafe.  Have any ideas? Here are a few questions for those interested.  What kind of classes would like for Chef Tara to teach? Would you prefer adult or child classes? Waht time of day would you want to take a class?  Email me with your thoughts!  tara@halfpintpalates.com