Half Pint Picks


South Caroline Pulled Pork, Argentinian Bistek, Korean Bipimbap Scramble and Sweet Potato & Sausage Hash . . . .what do these all have in common?  Chef Tara creates these yummy dishes using high quality meat and eggs from JuHa Ranch.  They have been in the business of growing and selling clean, free range meat for over 10 years, and they are our very first Half Pint Pick.

“Practice and spread the principles of sustainable agriculture.  Conserve and restore all aspects of nature.  Maintain ecological integrity in all our practices.  Continue our commitment to best practice and continual improvement.  Ethical and humane treatment of animals.”

- JuHa Ranch Philosophy  http://juhacattlecompany.com

Last year, Chef Tara saw an advertisement for JuHa Ranch in an edition of “Edible.”  She liked their sustainable practices and their modern (but really ancient) philosophy on farming.  After tasting their products and meeting Judi and Harry, she was hooked, and now all of Half Pint’s eggs and meat come from JuHa.  On a recent visit to their ranch, Chef Tara was able to meet the owners, Judi and Harry (or as she like to put it – Mother Earth meets Willie Nelson’s brother.)  They were down to earth and open to sharing their knowledge, along with their really cool life story.  Ask them about it if you happen to catch them at the White Rock Local Market or The Dallas Farmers Market on most Saturdays!


JuHa’s meats are pastured, meaning that they graze and move the animals every couple of days.  These animals are naturally lean, as opposed to grain-fed, and they are not destroying the land by over grazing.  As for their eggs, according to Chef Tara, they are the best she’s ever had.  Free range chickens are eating a variety of foods and roaming, not living a sedentary lifestyle. The yolks are richer and more flavorful, and the chickens are happy.  We are happy too that JuHa sells their products at local farmer’s markets.  You can find them at the Dallas Farmer’s Market every week and White Rock Farmer’s Market when they are open.  Check them out and see why JuHa is a Half Pint Pick!