Happy 6 Months to Half Pint Palates!


Happy 6 month anniversary to us! We are now gearing up for our fall menu change. Below are a few new happenings at Half Pint Palates.

* A more user-friendly a la carte purchasing option for those who simply have favorites that they want to keep on hand. You will not have to order a meal plan to order a la carte any more.

* Discount on 3 packs of a la carte options.

* We will be adding a Stage 1 baby food option along with our current Stage 3 options. Stage 1 will be simplified for beginner eaters, and your child will receive the same menu items every day for the week (just as most medical professionals suggest as this stage).

* Palate Quench – A juice and smoothie program available through Artizone.


* More cooking classes!


* Keep in touch with all the Half Pint happenings via our weekly blog, Twitter and Pinterest.

* Soon, you can find our delicious food at Bake and Play Café in Lakewood.

* More pop-up dinner deliveries to get you through the week.  E-mail Chef Tara for more information.


With the change of the season, our focus will shift to 4 new flavors this fall. You can expect more comforting preparations with a sprinkling of these ingredients: ginger, garlic, chilies and fennel.