Snacks that Count


As we head into the holdiay season, there are treats everywhere – on Pinterest, at the office, grocery stores, and holiday parties.  While it’s comforting and nostalgic to eat these familiar treats, it’s important to keep track of what you and your family eat.

Half Pint Palates Snacks

Carrot orange ginger puree                       Granola
Soft granola bar cookies                              Hole’ Mole’
Soft ginger molasses cookies                     Cinnamon apple cranberry butter
Cheddar cornmeal crackers                       Beet Pear Cranberry Juice
Warm spiced O’s                                          Multi-seed crackers

Try adding on to a Half Pint Palates snack to make one that’s healthy and will give your kids what they need!

Protein + Crunchy snack + Fruit or Veggie = satisfying & delicious

Try these combinations, and make a sandwich, use the protein as a dip, etc. Be creative and mix it up!

* Egg salad + Half Pint crackers + sweet pickled veggies
* Nut butter + molasses cookie + sliced banana or apple
* Hummus + multi-seed cracker + carrots

BXNcIKgCMAAQ8Za.jpg-large   BXNkJucCYAAyPl6.jpg-large

Vivian is 2 1/2 and eats really small portions.  I make her meals nutrient rich and small, and I try not to let her snack on empty calories. Because of our family’s schedule, morning snacks are smaller and afternoon snacks larger to satisfy her until dinner.  Here are a few of her favorites.

Morning Snacks

* Fruit puree’ (Half Pint Palates mash-up)
* Muesli (granola + yogurt)
* Small homemade smoothie
* Avocado with salt & lime
* Hummus with crackers or chips
* Popcorn

Afternoon Snacks

* Apples & oranges with cheese
* Peanut butter with a cookie or cracker
* Bean dip with chips
* Prosciutto or salami with cheese & pickles
* Oatmeal

If you’re struggling getting your kids to eat their meals, you may consider eliminating snacks or making their snacks smaller.  Have some ideas of your own?  E-mail us!