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Terms And Conditions

Half Pint Palates food is delivered and packaged in materials and have contents that must be handled properly. Once we deliver a product to the place you designate it is the responsibility of the recipient to take the food items and keep them stored they way they were delivered until distributed for meal service. You recognize that the products are packaged in specially designed bags to and will maintain the required temperature once delivered and in your physical possession for the period stated on the coolers they are delivered in. For most of our deliveries, products must either be refrigerated, in which case they must be within 3 days, frozen, or discarded entirely. Once any of our products is defrosted, it must be consumed within 48 hours, or discarded entirely. We are not responsible for items placed at the location you designate and your failure to pick them up. All products are delivered in a package that will only maintain appropriate storage conditions for a 2-hour period, after which they will be defrosted and the above terms apply. We are not responsible for food spoiled for your failure to take possession of them in time or your failure to properly store them. We recommend consuming our meals within 24 hours for best enjoyment.

Further, any customer who solicits or purchases from us any product of any kind, is by making such purchase accepting notice that any or all of our products may contain ingredients or other elements that can cause allergic and similar reactions in certain individuals, and by purchasing our products you accept that we are not responsible for any adverse reactions. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine whether or not any allergy or similar health-related condition might cause harm to the individual consuming our product. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to inform any and all who might consume our product of the potential risks of allergic and related potential adverse reactions. We accept no liability for adverse consequences that otherwise result. Note that the contents of our products include a wide variety of ingredients including seeds, nuts, oils (including coconut, olive, canola, soy, and other potential allergens), wheat flour, spices, milks, grains, eggs, chicken, beef, pork, fish, shellfish, and other ingredients that may be introduced intentionally or included during the preparation and cooking process. You should also note that our products are prepared in a commercial commissary kitchen.

Note that any issues with product dissatisfaction is limited to the value of the dispute.

We welcome and encourage purchasers to contact us to ask any and all questions you may have concerning our products before they are purchased or consumed.